A Look at the Peak of ‘Gizmos’ in F1

Las Vegas Grand Prix – A Look at the Peak of ‘Gizmos’ in F1

Las Vegas Grand Prix – A Look at the Peak of ‘Gizmos’ in F1


As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix, let’s take a moment to appreciate a notable era in motorsport innovation. The 1993 season marked the pinnacle of ‘gizmos’ in Formula 1 (F1). This article will delve into some of the remarkable stories surrounding the cars of that time.

Williams FW15C: A Technological Marvel

One cannot discuss the advanced technology of the 1993 season without mentioning the Williams FW15C. This car was at the forefront of innovation, thanks to the collaboration between Williams, Alain Prost, and Damon Hill.

McLaren’s Dominance with Ayrton Senna

In the world of F1, McLaren has always been synonymous with excellence. In 1993, McLaren cemented their legacy by pushing the boundaries of technology with the help of the legendary Ayrton Senna.

Gizmos Galore: Breaking Boundaries

The 1993 season saw an abundance of technological advancements across various teams. From cutting-edge aerodynamics to groundbreaking suspension systems, the sport was truly entering a new era.


While our focus may be on the Las Vegas Grand Prix this weekend, it is equally important to reflect on the past and recognize the incredible ‘gizmos’ that shaped the sport during the 1993 season. The Williams FW15C and McLaren’s technical mastery are just a glimpse into the remarkable advancements that revolutionized Formula 1.

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