A Tribute to Lola’s 1987 T87/50: The Machine That Made an Impression


A Tribute to Lola’s 1987 T87/50: The Machine That Made an Impression

In 1989, Lola achieved a significant milestone by winning the International Formula 3000 championship. However, it was the 1987 T87/50 model that truly stood out in the racing world. This exceptional car not only propelled Lola into the competitive battle dominated by March and Ralt, but also played a crucial role in the career of the talented Spanish driver, Luis Perez Sala.

Establishing Lola’s Presence

The T87/50 swiftly made its mark in the Formula 3000 championship, securing a commendable second place finish in the standings with Luis Perez Sala behind the wheel. This achievement was significant for Lola, as it firmly established their position among the top competitors in the sport. The T87/50 showcased the engineering prowess and innovation of the Lola team, making it a force to be reckoned with on the racing circuit.

Luis Perez Sala: A Rising Star

For Sala, the T87/50 became a pivotal milestone in his racing career. It acted as a springboard, propelling him towards the pinnacle of motorsport – Formula 1. The success he experienced with the T87/50 proved his talent and determination, earning him recognition from both fans and teams alike. Sala’s journey from Formula 3000 to Formula 1 serves as an inspiration to aspiring young drivers worldwide.

An Engine of Success

The T87/50 boasted remarkable performance and technical specifications that set it apart from its competitors. Its aerodynamic design and advanced engineering allowed it to conquer various tracks, leaving a lasting impression on the racing world. The combination of speed, agility, and reliability made the T87/50 a formidable opponent for any competing team, further solidifying Lola’s reputation as a manufacturer of exceptional racing machines.

The T87/50’s achievements in the Formula 3000 championship cannot be understated. It not only played a significant role in Lola’s growth and recognition, but also propelled Luis Perez Sala into the Formula 1 arena. This legendary machine will forever hold a special place in motorsport history, reminding us of the relentless pursuit of excellence and the power of determination.

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