Abu Dhabi Test: Pirelli Gains Tyre Data, Rookies Gain Miles

Abu Dhabi’s One-Day Test: Pirelli Gains Tyre Data and Rookies Gain Miles

The one-day test in Abu Dhabi serves a dual purpose – providing Pirelli with valuable tyre data and giving rookie drivers a chance to accumulate important mileage. Each team participated with two cars, allowing for both objectives to be met.

Russell’s Incident Highlights the Test

During the session, there was a notable incident involving Russell. Four hours into the test, Russell crashed at Turn 6. It is speculated that a technical failure caused the Mercedes driver to collide with the barriers.

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The one-day test in Abu Dhabi is not only beneficial for Pirelli to gather additional tyre data, but it also provides an opportunity for rookie drivers to gain valuable experience on the track. Unfortunately, Russell’s incident marred the session, highlighting the potential technical failures that can occur in high-performance racing. While the crash may have interrupted the test, it serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by drivers and teams in the intense world of Formula 1.

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