Acura’s Struggle with Wheel Loss

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Acura’s Success in Daytona 24 Hours

Acura’s ARX-06, built to the new-for-2023 LMDh rules format and featuring an electrical hybrid system, came firing out of the blocks by taking a 1-2 finish in the famous Daytona 24 Hours race.

Mechanical Problems in Subsequent Races

However, this early success was soon overshadowed by a mechanical problem that plagued Acura’s performance in the following races. The issue specifically revolved around the cars shedding their left-rear wheels.

Impact on Longer-Distance Races

The mechanical problems not only affected Acura’s standing but also impacted their performance in the longer-distance races. Both the Sebring (12 hours) and Watkins Glen (six hours) races saw Acura struggling due to this wheel loss issue.

Acura’s Resolve and Dream for IMSA Title

Despite facing setbacks, Acura has been dedicated to addressing the wheel loss problem and keeping its IMSA title dream alive. Their team of engineers and mechanics have been working tirelessly to find a fix that will prevent any further incidents and ensure better performance in future races.

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