Aerodynamic Updates for Singapore GP

Aerodynamic Updates at AlphaTauri for Singapore GP

Aerodynamic Updates at AlphaTauri for Singapore GP

The AlphaTauri team has introduced a major aerodynamic update package for the Singapore Grand Prix. The updates, which consist of various modifications to the car’s body and floor, are aimed at improving performance on the demanding street circuit.

Revised Engine Cover and Floor Body

One of the key updates is a revised and wider engine cover. This change aims to optimize the airflow over the rear of the car, reducing drag and improving overall aerodynamic efficiency.

In addition, the floor body has been modified to enhance its performance. The Italian team explained that the forward edge changes have resulted in lower static pressure local to the floor edge. This adjustment helps draw increased mass flow under the forward floor between the fences, ultimately improving downforce.

New Sidepod Inlets and Mirrors

The update package also includes new sidepod inlets, which play a crucial role in managing airflow around the car’s sidepods. These inlets are designed to improve cooling of the car’s components and contribute to better aerodynamic performance.

Furthermore, AlphaTauri has made changes to the mirrors as part of the update. While specific details were not provided, these modifications are likely aimed at optimizing the airflow around the mirrors and reducing any negative effects on the car’s overall aerodynamics.

Overall, these aerodynamic updates demonstrate AlphaTauri’s commitment to continuous improvement and their desire to extract the maximum performance from their car at every race.

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