Albon’s Call for F1 Drivers to Be Taught

Albon Calls for F1 Drivers to Be Taught After Incidents Involving Perez

Albon Calls for F1 Drivers to Be Taught After Incidents Involving Perez


Williams driver Alex Albon has expressed his concern regarding the recent incidents involving him, Sergio Perez, and Kevin Magnussen. In Singapore, Albon was spun out by Perez, causing him to lose valuable points. Then, in Japan, he witnessed another close call with Perez, which was followed by a collision between Perez and Magnussen. Albon believes that these incidents highlight the need for F1 drivers to be taught certain lessons.

The Singapore Incident

In the Singapore Grand Prix, Albon was hit by Sergio Perez and spun out, resulting in him losing the chance to secure a points finish. The incident was a blow to Albon’s race and demonstrated the danger of aggressive driving tactics. Albon believes that such incidents can be avoided if drivers are educated about the importance of fair racing and avoiding unnecessary risks.

The Japan Incident

In the Japanese Grand Prix, Albon had another nerve-wracking encounter with Perez, which once again highlighted the Mexican driver’s reckless behavior on the track. Furthermore, Albon was also a witness to Perez forcing Kevin Magnussen off the road, causing the Haas driver to label the move as “shitty”. This incident further reinforced Albon’s belief that there should be measures in place to prevent such dangerous actions on the track.

Albon’s Call for Change

Given the series of incidents involving Perez and their potential consequences, Albon is advocating for F1 to take action in teaching drivers about responsible racing. Albon feels that education and stricter regulations are necessary to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

The Consequences

As a result of his collision with Perez in Singapore, Albon lost crucial points, which could have made a significant impact on his overall standing in the championship. The close calls in both Singapore and Japan have also highlighted the need for greater caution on the racetrack and a collective effort to ensure the safety of all drivers.


Albon’s recent experiences with Sergio Perez have raised concerns about the driving standards in Formula 1. His call for F1 drivers to be taught important lessons underscores the importance of fair and responsible racing. It remains to be seen whether the incidents involving Perez will prompt any changes in the sport, but Albon’s words shed light on the need for a safer and more disciplined approach to Formula 1.

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