All Change on the British Touring Car Support Bill

All Change on the British Touring Car Support Bill

This season saw a major shake-up in the support bill for the British Touring Car Championship. The one-make Ginetta series, which had been a regular fixture for 15 years, was notably absent. Instead, the Caymans of the Porsche Sprint Challenge GB took its place as a regular feature.

Alongside the Porsche Sprint Challenge GB, a variety of guest championships added excitement and unpredictability to the support races. From thrilling Legends action at Croft to the frenetic Mini 7 Racing, fans were treated to a diverse range of racing experiences.

The absence of the Ginetta series may have disappointed some fans who had grown accustomed to seeing the iconic one-make championship on the support bill. However, the introduction of the Porsche Sprint Challenge GB brought its own unique brand of competitive racing.

The Porsche Cayman is a sleek and formidable machine, capable of delivering thrilling speed and precision. Its inclusion in the support bill provided an opportunity for aspiring drivers to showcase their talents and prove themselves against a formidable field of competitors.

The rotating cast of guest championships further heightened the excitement and unpredictability of the support races. Each event brought a new and different type of racing, ensuring that fans were constantly entertained and enthralled.

Whether it was the classic charm of Legends cars or the intense battles of the Mini 7 Racing, there was something for every type of racing enthusiast. The support races proved to be a fantastic addition to the overall spectacle of the British Touring Car Championship weekend.

Looking Ahead

With the successful debut of the Porsche Sprint Challenge GB and the thrilling guest championships, there is great anticipation for the future of the British Touring Car support bill. Fans can look forward to more exciting and diverse racing experiences as the championship continues to evolve.

While some may miss the familiar presence of the Ginetta series, the introduction of new championships brings fresh energy and excitement to the support races. The dynamic nature of the support bill ensures that there is never a dull moment for fans.

As the British Touring Car Championship continues to grow and evolve, so too does its support bill. The ever-changing lineup of championships provides an opportunity for different types of racing to shine and captivate audiences.

So, buckle up and get ready for the thrilling action that awaits on the British Touring Car support bill. Whether it’s the speed and precision of the Porsche Caymans or the charm and nostalgia of the guest championships, there is something for everyone to enjoy at!

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