Alonso’s Disappointing US GP Qualifying

Alonso F1 US GP a Write-Off After Painful Qualifying

The two-time world champion managed just 17th in the Friday shootout to determine the grid for the grand prix on Sunday, while team-mate Lance Stroll pipped only Logan Sargeant for 19th place.This followed both of the newly upgraded AMR23s (revised floor, engine cover bodywork) having to curtail their running during the sole practice session due to front-left brake fires.As such, Alonso was left disappointed with his qualifying performance.

Struggles on the Grid

Despite his impeccable track record, Fernando Alonso fell short of expectations during the qualifying session for the US Grand Prix. He finished in 17th place, much lower than his usual position as a two-time world champion. His teammate, Lance Stroll, also struggled and secured only the 19th spot. The poor results were a blow to the Alpine team’s hopes for a strong performance in the race.

Technical Issues

Adding to the disappointment, both of the recently upgraded AMR23s faced technical difficulties during the practice session. Problems with the front-left brakes led to the team having to curtail their running. This setback greatly impacted their ability to fine-tune their performance and affected Alonso’s confidence heading into the qualifying session.

A Missed Opportunity

With the US Grand Prix being a highly anticipated event, Alonso viewed his underwhelming qualifying performance as a missed opportunity. The revised floor and engine cover bodywork were expected to give the team a competitive edge, but instead, they were left frustrated with their performance. Alonso and Stroll’s result in the shootout further highlighted the long road ahead for Alpine to regain their competitive form.

Looking Ahead

Despite the disappointment, Alonso remains optimistic about the upcoming race. He understands the importance of regrouping and focusing on the task at hand. The team will analyze the issues faced during qualifying and make the necessary adjustments to improve their performance. Alonso’s experience and determination provide hope for a more successful race ahead.

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