AlphaTauri Strengthens Ties with Red Bull

AlphaTauri to Strengthen Ties with Red Bull for Competitive Boost

As part of a strategic shake-up at AlphaTauri, the energy drink brand’s owners have insisted on closer cooperation with Red Bull Racing. The objective is to enhance AlphaTauri’s competitiveness and performance under a new identity.

New Aero Facility in the UK

One tangible result of this collaboration will be the establishment of a new aero facility in the United Kingdom. This facility, currently in the works, will house a significant number of aero staff. The move aims to leverage the resources and expertise available in the UK to further bolster AlphaTauri’s engineering capabilities.

Increased Utilization of Customer Parts

Furthermore, AlphaTauri plans to acquire more customer parts from Red Bull Racing. By tapping into the technological advancements developed by the senior team, AlphaTauri aims to bridge the gap in performance between the two squads.

Shared Knowledge and Expertise

The collaboration between AlphaTauri and Red Bull Racing will extend beyond physical assets. Both teams will work closely to share knowledge and expertise in areas such as car design, aerodynamics, and engineering. This collaboration will foster a synergistic environment where both teams can benefit from each other’s strengths.

A Path to Success

While there have been rumors of AlphaTauri potentially running a clone of the Red Bull RB19 in 2024, the team has downplayed these speculations. Instead, the focus remains on utilizing the shared resources and expertise to build a stronger foundation for success.

With the establishment of an aero facility in the UK and a greater utilization of customer parts, AlphaTauri aims to enhance its competitive advantage on the Formula 1 grid. The collaboration with Red Bull Racing represents a significant step towards achieving this goal.

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