Andretti Autosport Leading Contenders for 11th F1 Team

Andretti Autosport Leads Contenders for 11th F1 Team

Michael Andretti’s operation, in partnership with General Motors brand Cadillac, has emerged as the highest-profile contender among those who responded to the FIA’s request for submissions to form an 11th Formula 1 team. The FIA received applications from FIA Formula 2 outfits Hitech and Rodin Carlin, as well as start-up Asian effort LKYSUNZ. While no official information has been released by the governing body, it appears that three other applications have been rejected.

For years, there have been speculations about Andretti Autosport’s potential entry into Formula 1. With a successful history in American motorsport, including winning the IndyCar championship multiple times, Andretti Autosport brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Supported by Cadillac, they are serious contenders for the coveted 11th spot on the Formula 1 grid.

Hitech and Rodin Carlin, both established teams in the Formula 2 championship, have also thrown their hats in the ring. Building on their reputation in lower formulae, these teams aim to make a strong impression in the world of Formula 1. By expanding their operations and infrastructure, they hope to compete against the established teams and prove their worth at the highest level of motorsport.

Meanwhile, LKYSUNZ, a new Asian effort, has also submitted its application to join Formula 1. As an ambitious start-up, LKYSUNZ aims to showcase the talent and capabilities of Asian drivers and engineers. With the popularity of motorsport growing rapidly in Asia, LKYSUNZ sees this as the perfect opportunity to make their mark on the international stage.

While nothing has been confirmed officially by the FIA, it is expected that three other applications for new Formula 1 teams have been rejected. The FIA has stringent criteria and is committed to ensuring the highest standards in Formula 1. Only those teams that meet the required regulations and demonstrate the capability to compete at the elite level will be granted entry.

As the pursuit for the 11th Formula 1 team intensifies, all eyes are on Andretti Autosport, Hitech, Rodin Carlin, and LKYSUNZ. These contenders represent different backgrounds and aspirations, each hoping to secure a place in the pinnacle of motorsport.

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