Andretti Formula: Approval to Join F1 Grid

Andretti Formula’s Application Gets Approval to Join the F1 Grid

Last week, motor racing’s governing body approved Andretti Formula’s application to join the F1 grid from 2025 at the earliest. This marks a significant milestone for the team as its entry was moved forward to the final stage of needing to sort a commercial deal.

The approval from motor racing’s governing body is not the final step towards securing a spot in the Formula 1 championship. Andretti Formula still needs to negotiate and finalize a commercial deal with Formula One Management (FOM).

Hurdles to Overcome

While the approval is a positive development for Andretti Formula, there are no guarantees that they will successfully secure an agreement with FOM. The current 10-team field can only be expanded if certain conditions and requirements are met.

Formula One Management has made it clear that they will only approve an expansion to the existing 10-team field if it proves to be financially viable and beneficial for all parties involved.

The Road Ahead

Securing a commercial deal with FOM is essential for Andretti Formula to secure its position on the F1 grid. The negotiations and discussions between the team and FOM will play a crucial role in determining the team’s future in the championship.

The inclusion of Andretti Formula would bring added excitement and competition to the F1 grid. The team has a rich history in motorsport, particularly in IndyCar racing. With experienced personnel and resources, Andretti Formula has the potential to make a significant impact in Formula 1.

However, the path to joining the F1 grid is challenging. It requires substantial financial investment, technical expertise, and a competitive team structure. Andretti Formula will need to demonstrate its capabilities and meet the rigorous standards set by FOM.


Andretti Formula’s approval by motor racing’s governing body to join the F1 grid is a promising step towards fulfilling their goal. With negotiations still to be finalized with FOM, the team will need to overcome various hurdles to secure its place in the championship.

If successful, Andretti Formula’s entry into Formula 1 will bring a new dynamic to the sport and further strengthen the competition among teams. Fans and enthusiasts eagerly await the outcome of these negotiations as they hold the key to Andretti Formula’s future in F1.

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