Madras Motor Sports Club Info

Address: Ground Floor, Chandhok Center, 244, Anna Salai, behind Old Anand Theatre, Thousand Lights, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600006, India
Phone Number: +91 44 4203 1406

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Madras Motor Sports Club History

In the year 1952, while a 1948 G.T.F was being cleared from the Madras Harbour, discussions between the owner and Mr. R De Souza on motor racing, rallying etc., gave birth to the gem of an idea of a Motor Sports Club. This idea took a hazy shape in the summer of 1953 when two M. Gs chased each other from Chesney Hall to the parking lot of the Catholic Centre. An unusually tall Englishman (Rex Strong) and a comparatively short Indian (K Varugis) got out from their espectie cars, stared and then probably grinned at each other and decided that racing would be more fun if organized off the roads. Thus, figuratively, one could read the words MMSC in the spiralling fumes of the twin exhausts.