Askew and Rasmussen Test for IndyCar Return

Askew and Rasmussen to Test with ECR in Hopes of IndyCar Return

Indy NXT champion Christian Rasmussen and former IndyCar competitor Oliver Askew are set to test with Ed Carpenter Racing (ECR) at a 2.3-mile track. Both drivers are aiming to secure a seat in the #20 Chevrolet alongside Rinus VeeKay for the 2024 season.

After taking a break from the series in 2021, Askew is eager for a chance to return to IndyCar. In an interview with, he expressed his desire for a second opportunity in a series that holds great significance to him.

Askew said, “There’s nothing that would make me happier than a redo at what meant the world to me, and what still does, in IndyCar.”

ECR has provided this testing opportunity to both drivers, giving them a chance to showcase their skills and potentially earn a spot on the team for next year’s season.

This test session holds immense importance for Rasmussen as well. After recently securing the Indy NXT championship, he is looking to make a successful transition into the IndyCar series.

If either driver impresses during the test, it could pave the way for a future in the highly competitive world of IndyCar racing.

The 2.3-mile track will serve as the perfect proving ground for Askew and Rasmussen. With its challenging corners and high-speed stretches, it will test their abilities to the fullest.

IndyCar fans and pundits alike will be eagerly anticipating the results of these test sessions. The hope is that both drivers will demonstrate their potential and reignite their careers in the prestigious IndyCar series.

This exciting opportunity provided by ECR could be a game-changer for Askew and Rasmussen. As they take to the track, they will undoubtedly give it their all in pursuit of their dreams of returning to IndyCar.

Only time will tell if this test leads to a future filled with success and glory for Askew and Rasmussen. The IndyCar community eagerly awaits the outcome of these tests and the potential comeback of these talented drivers.

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