Aston Martin Driver Collides, Grid Position Affected

Aston Martin Driver Unable to Take Part in Second Part of Shootout

The Aston Martin driver was unable to take part in the second part of the shootout that determines the grid for the shortened Saturday race after sustaining heavy damage to the front-left corner.

Ocon’s Slide Leads to Collision

As the Spaniard slowly proceeded through Turn 2, former Alpine team-mate Esteban Ocon was forced to correct a slide and the subsequent change of direction sent him careering into the Aston.

While Alonso tried to continue, the severe damage to his car resulted in him being unable to participate any further in the shootout.

Alonso Describes the Crash

Fernando Alonso expressed his disappointment, describing the incident as being in the wrong place at the wrong moment. The crash was undoubtedly a scary experience for both drivers involved.

The Impact on the Grid

With Alonso unable to compete in the remaining part of the shootout, it meant that he would have to start the race from a disadvantaged position. The incident had a significant impact on his chances for a successful race result.

Despite the setback, Alonso remains determined and optimistic, focusing on putting this incident behind and looking forward to the next race. He is confident that his team can work swiftly to repair the damages and prepare for future challenges.

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