Aston Martin Makes History with Jessica Hawkins

Aston Martin Gives Jessica Hawkins First Full F1 Test Outing

Hawkins has made history by becoming the first woman to test a current or near-current grand prix car since Tatiana Calderon’s limited outing in a Sauber C37 during a filming day in Mexico back in 2018.

Calderon, the Colombian driver, did however have the opportunity to drive a 2013-spec C32 for the Swiss outfit later that year and also in 2019.

Prior to this test, Hawkins, a former W Series driver, has only been able to demonstrate her skills in older F1 cars during exhibition runs.

Now, she finally gets her chance to explore her potential in a modern F1 car. The anticipation for this moment has been building up, and it’s an exciting time for all those who have been eagerly waiting for her breakthrough in the sport.

This opportunity offered by Aston Martin is a milestone for women in motorsport, as Hawkins continues to pave the way for aspiring female racers.

Her remarkable journey had started long before this test, with numerous achievements and accomplishments along the way. She has continuously pushed boundaries and defied stereotypes throughout her career, inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

As she steps into the cockpit and prepares to tackle the challenges of an F1 car, Hawkins will undoubtedly showcase her determination, skill, and passion for racing.

We can only imagine the adrenaline rushing through her veins as she takes on this incredible feat. The opportunity to test an Aston Martin F1 car is a dream come true, and Hawkins is ready to seize the moment.

This test not only provides Hawkins with a chance to prove her abilities but also serves as an inspiration for all those who aspire to break barriers in the world of motorsport.

The impact of this test extends beyond the track, as it sends a clear message to the racing community and beyond that women can excel in any field, including Formula 1.

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