Aston Martin’s Bold Car Changes Put Stroll in Pitlane

Aston Martin Makes Wholesale Car Changes for Stroll Ahead of Mexico City Race

It was a dreadful weekend for Aston Martin at the Mexico City race, with Lance Stroll and his teammate Fernando Alonso struggling to secure favorable grid positions. Stroll was initially set to start from 17th place, while Alonso could only manage 13th on the grid.

Considering Stroll’s starting position at the rear, Aston Martin made a bold decision to execute significant car changes during parc ferme. The team opted to modify various components to a different specification and tweaked the suspension set-up in an effort to improve their chances.

As a result of this decision, Lance Stroll will be required to start the F1 Mexico GP from the pitlane. Aston Martin hopes that their strategic changes will enable Stroll to gain an advantage and make progress throughout the race.

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