Browning’s Award and Aston Martin F1 Test

Browning Wins Motorsport Award and Completes Aston Martin F1 Prize Test

Young racing driver Browning has emerged as the deserving winner of the prestigious Motorsport Award. This highly coveted award not only recognizes Browning’s exceptional talent but also comes with a handsome prize of £200,000.

Browning’s impressive performances in various racing categories last year, including MSV Formula 2, BBM Ginetta LMP3, and Garage 59 Aston Martin GT3, caught the attention of motorsport enthusiasts and experts alike.

Aston Martin F1 Prize Test

As part of winning the Motorsport Award, Browning recently had the incredible opportunity to test one of Aston Martin’s AMR21 cars. The test took place at the famous Silverstone Grand Prix circuit, adding to the excitement and significance of the occasion.

Browning, who is a talented F3 driver, made the most of his day of testing. The young driver completed two separate installation runs on wet tyres, ensuring that the car was set up correctly and ready for optimal performance. Following these initial runs, Browning embarked on an exhilarating six-lap journey around the iconic circuit.

This unique experience provided Browning with firsthand exposure to the high-speed world of Formula 1. It allowed him to showcase his skills, adaptability, and potential in a top-level racing environment.

Browning’s participation in the Aston Martin F1 prize test marks a significant milestone in his career. It serves as a testament to his talent and sets the stage for even greater achievements in the future. With his unwavering dedication and exceptional abilities, Browning is undoubtedly one to watch in the world of motorsport.

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