Canapino’s Success Continues

Canapino to Continue with Juncos Hollinger Racing for 2024 IndyCar Season

Argentinian driver Agustín Canapino will be staying with Juncos Hollinger Racing for his second season in the IndyCar series. The team’s Chevrolet-powered #78 entry will continue to be his ride as he looks to build on his debut year.

In the 2023 season, Canapino achieved his personal best finishes of 12th place in St. Petersburg, Texas, and Toronto. These results were impressive considering it was his first time racing on these tracks.

Prior to joining the IndyCar series, Canapino had a successful career as a touring car champion in Argentina. However, he lacked experience in driving a true single-seater. Despite this, Canapino adapted quickly to the demands of IndyCar racing and showcased his skills behind the wheel.

The Growth of Canapino’s Talent

Canapino’s ability to showcase his talent in a highly competitive field has earned him the trust and confidence of Juncos Hollinger Racing. Co-owned by Ricardo Juncos and Brad Hollinger, the team recognizes Canapino’s potential and is excited to see how he continues to develop.

With another season ahead, Canapino will have the opportunity to further refine his racecraft and acclimate himself to the unique challenges that IndyCar presents. The team believes that with his dedication and determination, Canapino can achieve even greater results in 2024.

A Promising Partnership

The decision to retain Canapino is a testament to the strong partnership between the driver and the team. Juncos Hollinger Racing has created an environment where Canapino can showcase his abilities and contribute to the team’s success.

The Chevrolet-powered #78 entry will provide Canapino with familiarity and the necessary tools to maximize his performance on race day. With continued support from his team, Canapino aims to bring home even more notable finishes in the upcoming season.

Overall, both Canapino and Juncos Hollinger Racing are eager for the new challenges that lie ahead in the 2024 IndyCar season. With Canapino’s experience growing and the team’s commitment to excellence, the stage is set for an exciting year of racing.

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