Challenging Schedule for Talented Young Driver

The Challenging Schedule for a Talented Young Driver

At just 19 years old, an aspiring driver is set to tackle an exciting and demanding schedule. This opportunity has been put together by CGR’s managing director, Mike Hull, who believes in his exceptional talent. The rigorous program aims to provide the young driver with valuable experience across different racing disciplines.

IndyCar Evaluation: A Crucial First Step

The journey begins with an IndyCar evaluation on the renowned Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course. Taking place on October 27-28, this test will allow the driver to showcase their skills and get a taste of what it’s like to compete at such a prestigious venue.

World Endurance Championship Rookie Test: Expanding Horizons

Following the IndyCar evaluation, the young driver will have the incredible opportunity to participate in an FIA World Endurance Championship rookie test. Set to take place at the Bahrain International Circuit on November 5, this experience will enable the driver to discover the world of endurance racing and gain insight into its unique challenges.

Formula 2 Car Test: Building Well-Rounded Expertise

As part of this well-rounded development program, the driver will also have the chance to test a previous generation Formula 2 car. The testing session will be held at the Circuit Monteblanco, providing the driver with a new set of skills as they explore the capabilities of this exhilarating racing machine.

Overall, this challenging schedule promises to push the young driver to their limits, both mentally and physically. It serves as a crucial platform for them to gain valuable experience and expand their knowledge across different racing disciplines. The future looks incredibly bright for this talented individual, and racing enthusiasts eagerly await their progress.

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