Changes to Marina Bay Circuit for Singapore Grand Prix

The Marina Bay Circuit in Singapore has undergone some major changes ahead of the upcoming Grand Prix. The characteristic 90-degree corners that previously made up Turns 16-19 have been replaced by a kinked back straight.

Many drivers were hoping for a fourth DRS zone to be added to assist with overtaking into the lower-speed Turns 16-17 chicane. However, the FIA has decided to stick with three DRS zones for now.

There were discussions about making modifications to the circuit, including the addition of extra DRS zones. However, it seems that the FIA has chosen not to implement these changes for the moment.

The modified layout of the Marina Bay Circuit is expected to offer new challenges for the drivers. The kinked back straight will require them to adjust their approach and find new lines through the corners.

With the removal of the 90-degree corners, the overall flow and rhythm of the circuit may also be different. Drivers will need to adapt their strategies and find the best way to navigate the new sections of the track.

As with any circuit changes, there is always a level of uncertainty and excitement surrounding the race. Fans can look forward to seeing how the drivers handle the modified layout and whether any unexpected strategies emerge as a result.

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