Concerns over Track Construction

Concerns arise over Track Construction

Small separations in its construction, caused by damage sustained from running across the Losail circuit’s high kerbs, had triggered concerns about potential failures in the race.

A Revised Configuration for Track Limits

A hastily revised configuration of track limits, allied to an emergency 10-minute practice session to get used to the new layout was the first step in a weekend that could now have a totally different feel.

Preparations for the Qatar Grand Prix

So ahead of the highly anticipated Qatar Grand Prix, there have been several key concerns that have come to light regarding the track construction and potential issues it may cause.

The Impact of High Kerbs

The Losail circuit’s high kerbs have proved to be problematic, causing damage to the track and raising concerns about the safety of the race. Small separations in the track’s construction, resulting from running across these high kerbs, have raised worries about potential failures during the Grand Prix.

A Race Against Time

Faced with these concerns, a quick response was needed to ensure the race could proceed safely. The track limits were hastily revised, attempting to address the issue of potential failures caused by the track damage. Additionally, an emergency 10-minute practice session was scheduled to allow drivers to familiarize themselves with the new layout.

A Different Feel to the Weekend

With these last-minute changes to the track configuration and limited time for practice, the upcoming Qatar Grand Prix is set to have a unique and unpredictable atmosphere. The adjustments made to the track limits may alter the dynamics of the race and introduce new challenges for the drivers.


The concerns over the track construction at the Losail circuit have forced organizers to take urgent action. Revising the track limits and providing a brief practice session are crucial steps in ensuring the safety of the Qatar Grand Prix. As the drivers prepare for the race, they must adapt to the new layout and be prepared for potential challenges that may arise. Only time will tell how these changes will affect the outcome of the highly anticipated race.

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