Costly Moments in Liam Lawson’s Super Formula Championship

Moments That Cost Liam Lawson the Super Formula Championship

Despite a season that showcased both skill and determination, Liam Lawson narrowly missed out on winning the Super Formula Championship to Ritomo Miyata. Throughout the campaign, there were several instances where Lawson’s title hopes slipped away due to a combination of minor errors, unfortunate circumstances, and the occasional stroke of bad luck.

Fuji Round 2 – Safety Car and Penalty

One crucial moment occurred during Fuji Round 2, where Lawson faced the double setback of a safety car period and a subsequent penalty. These incidents hampered his progress and prevented him from gaining valuable points in the championship race.

Suzuka Round 5 – Mechanical Issues

Another setback unfolded at Suzuka Round 5 when Lawson encountered unexpected mechanical issues. These problems not only affected his performance during the race but also cost him crucial points in the overall standings.

Autopolis Round 7 – Contact with Rivals

Autopolis Round 7 proved to be a challenging event for Lawson as he found himself involved in contact with other competitors. These incidents, although unintentional, had a significant impact on his championship aspirations as he lost valuable positions and, subsequently, valuable points.

Fuji Round 8 – Adverse Weather Conditions

The unpredictable nature of motorsport became apparent at Fuji Round 8 when adverse weather conditions affected the race. Unfortunately for Lawson, these conditions didn’t work in his favor, leading to a difficult race and a missed opportunity to secure crucial points.

Suzuka Round 9 – Strategic Misjudgment

In the final round of the championship at Suzuka, a strategic misjudgment by Lawson’s team resulted in him losing out on potential points. Despite his best efforts, this error ultimately contributed to his narrow defeat in the title race.

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