Dacia’s Rally-Raid Venture: Star-Studded Team Takes On Dakar 2025

Dacia’s Ambitious Rally-Raid Venture: Star-Studded Team Takes On Dakar 2025

The Dawn of a New Era in Rally-Raid for Dacia

The world of rally-raid racing is set to witness an exciting development as the Romanian automotive manufacturer embarks on an adventurous journey into one of the most challenging motorsport events. Eying the pinnacle of rally-raid, the legendary Dakar Rally, the manufacturer has declared its intention to take part in the 2025 edition of the race. This ambitious move is preceded by a strategic ‘test phase’ scheduled for the year 2024, leveraging selected rounds from the FIA World Rally-Raid Championship to fine-tune their entry into the Dakar.

A Trio of Titans: Al-Attiyah, Loeb, and Gutierrez Lead the Charge

In a powerful statement of commitment to their rally-raid aspirations, Dacia has unveiled a stellar roster of drivers for their foray into the Dakar terrain. Joining their ranks is none other than the Dakar champion who has dominated the sands time and again – Nasser Al-Attiyah. The Qatari driver boasts an impressive resume with victories in 2011, 2015, 2019, 2022, and 2023, making him a prized asset to the team.

Sharing the cockpit with Al-Attiyah is the celebrated World Rally legend Sébastien Loeb, whose name resonates across the rally world for his unparalleled skills and record-breaking achievements. Rounding out this formidable trio is Cristina Gutierrez, a driver hailing from Spain whose prowess and determination have been turning heads in the sport. Together, this diverse and highly skilled group brings decades of experience and success to Dacia’s ambitious project.

Preparation and Anticipation: The Road to Dakar 2025

The build-up to the 2025 Dakar Rally involves meticulous preparation and strategic planning. The ‘test phase’ in 2024 stands as a critical period for the team to align their vehicles with the demands of rally-raid racing. With the integration of valuable feedback from the championship events, the manufacturer is expected to tailor their machines to endure the unforgiving landscapes and grueling conditions synonymous with the Dakar Rally.

The anticipation among enthusiasts is palpable, as the convergence of such high-caliber talents under the Dacia banner promises to inject fresh excitement into an already electrifying discipline. Fans of rally-raid are closely watching the proceedings, eager to witness how this venture unfolds and whether it will culminate in triumph amid the desert dunes.


As preparations heat up and the world awaits the roar of engines at the starting line, Dacia’s leap into rally-raid represents not just a new chapter for the manufacturer but also a fresh narrative in the chronicles of motorsport. With passion, expertise, and a world-class lineup, the automotive world holds its breath to see if this bold adventure will drive the team to the top of the podium come 2025’s Dakar Rally.

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