Difficult Start for Perez in Japanese F1 GP

A Difficult Start for Perez at the Japanese F1 Grand Prix

Sergio Perez had a slow start at the Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix, facing several setbacks right from the beginning of the race. The Mexican driver was involved in a collision with Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes in Turn 1, which resulted in Perez needing a pitstop to replace his damaged front wing.

Unfortunately for Perez, his troubles didn’t end there. He received a five-second penalty for overtaking Fernando Alonso before the safety car period. This additional setback further hindered his chances of a good result in the race.

As if that wasn’t enough, Perez also suffered damage to another front wing later in the race. This time, he collided with Kevin Magnussen from Haas in Turn 11. The incident not only caused more damage to Perez’s car but also led to him receiving another penalty.

It was a disappointing weekend for Perez, who undoubtedly wanted a better result in Japan. However, he can take some solace in the fact that he managed to avoid a grid penalty in Qatar. Despite his challenging start, Perez will surely continue to push forward and strive for better performances in the upcoming races.

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