DTM Teams Use Sunlight to Heat Tyres

DTM Teams Get Creative to Heat Tyres: RaceTrackWorld.com

DTM Teams Get Creative to Heat Tyres

Teams participating in the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) series for 2023 have encountered difficulties in getting the new Pirelli tyres up to the optimal temperature. In their quest to find a solution, teams have resorted to unconventional methods to bypass the ban on using electric blankets.

Sunshine as a Substitute

According to Motorsport-Total.com, a popular motorsport news website, teams have discovered an ingenious way to heat their tyres by taking advantage of direct sunlight. By leaving their garage doors wide open and strategically positioning the tyres, teams aim to maximize exposure to sunlight.

This creative technique not only helps warm up the tyres but also saves the teams from potential penalties for violating the ban on electric blankets. While electric blankets are a reliable method to heat the tyres, their usage has been prohibited by the organizers for the 2023 season.

Circumventing the Restrictions

DTM teams have shown ingenuity and resourcefulness in finding ways to keep their tyres at the desired temperature. The prohibition on electric blankets compelled them to explore alternative solutions, and using the Sun’s natural heat became a viable option.

By leaving the garage doors open, teams allow the sunlight to directly warm the tyres. Placing the tyres strategically ensures that they receive maximum exposure, helping to raise the temperature to the recommended level for optimal performance.

Results and Controversy

The use of sunlight to heat the tyres has generated mixed reactions within the DTM community. While some appreciate the teams’ ingenuity and ability to adapt, others raise concerns about the fairness and integrity of the competition.

It remains to be seen whether the organizers will take action against the teams employing this innovative technique. The controversy surrounding the use of sunlight to heat tyres adds another layer of intrigue to the exciting world of DTM racing.

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