Automotodrom Brno (Automotodrom Brno – Brno Circuit) Info

Address: Masarykův okruh 201, 664 81 Ostrovačice, Czechia
Phone Number: +420 546 123 300

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Automotodrom Brno (Automotodrom Brno – Brno Circuit) History

It is the spring of 1930. The muffled knocking of wooden tile hammers resounds through the forest above Popůvky, a quiet village ten kilometers outside Brno. Granite paving stones settle into the sand. He is building a new race track. It must be ready by autumn, because the “first lady” of Czech motorsport, Eliška Junková, is also advocating for it! And the circuit is said to be named after the first Czechoslovak president, information is being distributed among the workers. They were true. A legend was born under their hands: Masaryk’s circuit.