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Address: Calle Malvasía 5, 31210 Los Arcos, Navarra Spain
Phone Number: (+34) 948 640 350

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Home / GENERAL INFORMATION GENERAL INFORMATION INFORMATION DOWNLOADS THE CIRCUIT OF THE NORTH OF SPAIN The Navarra Circuit is a great recreational and sports space dedicated to motorsports which has the capacity to generate and hold many different events, both corporate and recreational. Its technical sporting equipment, facilities, access and geographical situation make the Navarra Circuit an ideal complex for leisure, work and sport and a reference both nationally and internationally. More than six million people have benefited from the creation of the Navarra Circuit. The facilities were born to try and please everyone. Those that have in Motorsport their passion and profession. Those that want to enjoy their hobby. Those that seek spending a fun karting day. Those who want to please their customers with a corporate event. Or even those that want to leave the motorsport thrill at its purest. The Navarra circuit is not focused exclusively on competition, but aims to become a multipurpose space where sporting events of the highest level can be held, as well as corporate events for companies, racing days for fans and leisure activities for any type of individual. Everyone has their own space and importance at the Navarra Circuit.