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Exciting News from Motorsport Network

New Leadership Announcement

New York, November 1, 2023 – Motorsport Network, the leading independent global digital media platform in motorsport and automotive, has recently made some exciting changes to its editorial team. They are delighted to announce the hiring of Mike Spinelli as Head of Content and Travis Okulski as Editorial Director, Automotive.

Mike Spinelli as Head of Content

In his new role, Mike Spinelli will be responsible for brand extensions across the Motorsport Network portfolio. This includes popular platforms such as Motorsport.com and Autosport. With his vast experience and knowledge in the industry, Spinelli is expected to bring fresh ideas and innovative content strategies to enhance the user experience for motorsport and automotive enthusiasts.

Travis Okulski as Editorial Director, Automotive

Travis Okulski, on the other hand, will focus specifically on the automotive aspect of the Motorsport Network. As Editorial Director, Automotive, he will play a key role in shaping the editorial direction and ensuring high-quality automotive content. Okulski’s expertise in the automotive industry will be instrumental in delivering engaging and informative articles to readers worldwide.

A Stronger Future for Motorsport Network

With the addition of Mike Spinelli and Travis Okulski, Motorsport Network aims to strengthen its position as the go-to source for motorsport and automotive news. The new leadership team brings an impressive level of expertise and a shared passion for the industry. Their combined efforts are expected to elevate the Motorsport Network portfolio and provide enhanced content experiences for their global audience.

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