Exciting Expansions for Winter Motorsport

Exciting Expansions Announced for Winter Motorsport Competitions

Introduction to the GT Winter Series

In an eager anticipation of the upcoming 2024 motorsports calendar, enthusiasts and competitors alike are thrilled with the recent announcement that the well-established GT Winter Series will see not one, but two new exciting additions. This series has become a seasonal highlight for racers seeking to extend their competitive edge through the winter months and now promises a broader scope with diverse racing experiences.

Launching the GT4 Winter Series

As a natural progression of the expanding winter motorsport portfolio, the introduction of the GT4 Winter Series marks a strategic move to engage a wider array of GT vehicles and drivers. Catering to an increasing demand for competitive GT4-class racing outside of the usual racing calendar, this series is poised to provide a platform for emerging talents and experienced competitors alike to showcase their prowess and fine-tune their skills in the off-season.

Spotlight on the New Prototype Winter Series (PTWS)

The upcoming season embarks on a thrilling venture with the inauguration of the Prototype Winter Series (PTWS). Custom-tailored to the adrenaline-pumping world of prototypes, this series opens up a realm of high-speed competition while also creating distinct opportunities within the winter racing landscape.

By providing a specialized venue exclusively for prototype vehicles, PTWS aims to elevate the level of competition and spectacle. This new series not only promises intense track action but also serves as a laboratory for groundbreaking developments in prototype racing. With a specialized focus on these high-performance machines, PTWS is set to become a significant event on the motorsport calendar, beginning its inaugural journey in January 2024.

Fostering Growth in Off-Season Racing

The addition of these series underlines a burgeoning trend in the motorsports industry: the desire for year-round competition and development. By fostering races during the traditionally quieter winter months, organizers are tapping into unmet driver demand for more seat time and the chance to maintain competitive sharpness throughout the entirety of the year.

Fans too can rejoice in having additional events to follow and attend, keeping their passion for racing burning bright even as temperatures drop. The spectacle of winter racing, with its unique challenges and atmospheric conditions, has consistently drawn crowds and made for compelling viewing, a fact that these new series will capitalize on.

Ahead of the Curve

This strategic expansion reflects a forward-thinking approach by organizers who look to stay ahead of the curve in motorsports entertainment. By recognizing the evolving needs and interests of both drivers and spectators, measures are being taken to ensure that the realm of winter motorsport continues to grow in both scale and spectacle.

Racers preparing for the inaugural seasons of both the GT4 and PTW Series are set to enter an entirely new arena of competition, pushing the boundaries of their abilities and machinery. It’s a venture that underscores motorsport’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence regardless of the season.


Ultimately, these expansions promise to enhance the winter racing scene significantly, offering fresh challenges to seasoned professionals and aspiring racers. Winter motorsports enthusiasts have much to look forward to in 2024, as the crisp air of winter is set to resonate with the roar of engines and the thrill of speed like never before.

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