Exciting Vegas Race Launch

Exciting Launch and Presentation of the Vegas Race

Exciting Launch and Presentation of the Vegas Race

The highly anticipated Vegas race, which Formula 1 has showcased with an impressive investment of £355 million so far,
kicked off with a spectacular opening ceremony on the main straight. The event was held on Thursday and featured
performances by renowned music acts, including Kylie Minogue and 30 Seconds To Mars.

Grand Presentation of Drivers

As part of this extravagant spectacle, each team’s drivers were elevated on platforms and presented to the enthusiastic
crowd in the grandstand. The audience eagerly awaited the appearance of their favorite drivers, creating an electric
atmosphere at the event.

Star-Studded Attendance

Fans were thrilled to witness the participation of popular drivers such as Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, Alex Albon, and
Pierre Gasly. These talented individuals added to the excitement of the occasion, captivating the crowd with their
presence and skill. The fans passionately cheered on their racing heroes, creating an unforgettable experience for all.

An Unforgettable Production

The special production put together for this launch truly showcased the glitz and glamour associated with Formula 1.
Spectators were treated to mesmerizing performances and exceptional entertainment, setting the stage for a thrilling
race weekend ahead.

The Vegas race is set to be a remarkable addition to the Formula 1 calendar, and with such a remarkable start, there is
no doubt that this event will be remembered for years to come. Better get ready to witness the world’s finest drivers
go head-to-head in a battle for victory on the renowned Vegas track!

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