Expanding F1’s Global Reach

Expanding F1’s Global Reach Through Drive to Survive

Since Liberty Media took over Formula 1, there has been significant worldwide growth in the sport. A key driver of this expansion has been the successful Netflix series, Drive to Survive. With its engaging storytelling and behind-the-scenes access, the show has acted as a catalyst for F1’s international reach.

Capitalizing on the American Market

As American owners, Liberty Media has made a concerted effort to tap into the vast potential of their home market. This strategy has seen the addition of new races in key US locations, including Miami and the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix. With three yearly US rounds, Formula 1 hopes to establish a strong presence in America.

The Return of the Las Vegas Grand Prix

This weekend marks the return of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, a race that was last held in 1982. The anticipation is high as fans eagerly await the thrilling action on the streets of Las Vegas. The iconic city provides the perfect backdrop for a spectacular event.

The Allure for Companies

A new documentary is exploring why US companies are flocking to Formula 1. The global platform that F1 offers makes it an attractive marketing opportunity. With a diverse and passionate fanbase, sponsors and brands see great value in associating themselves with the pinnacle of motorsport.

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