Experienced Engineer to Lead Alpine F1 Engine Department

Experienced Power Unit Engineer Joins Alpine F1 Team

Experienced power unit engineer, Olivier Meignan, is set to join the Alpine F1 team as the head of their engine department in Viry-Chatillon. This move comes after a successful four-year stint at Mercedes HPP in Brixworth, followed by a slightly shorter period at Ferrari where he held the position of Head of Department at both teams.

Alpine F1 team’s decision to bring Meignan on board showcases their commitment to prepare for the wide-ranging power unit rule changes expected in 2026. Desiring to strengthen their technical expertise, Alpine seeks to harness Meignan’s valuable experience and knowledge in power unit engineering.

With the upcoming power unit rule changes, Alpine recognizes the need to improve their engine performance and competitiveness. Meignan’s extensive background in power unit development will be instrumental in achieving this goal. By having a skilled engineer at the helm of their engine department, Alpine aims to challenge the dominance of other Formula 1 teams in the future.

The lack of competitiveness in Alpine’s power unit has been evident over the past seasons, prompting the management to seek improvements. With Meignan’s appointment as the new engine technical director, the team is optimistic about their prospects moving forward.

By investing in talent like Meignan, Alpine hopes to rise to the forefront in the highly competitive world of Formula 1. The French team believes that with the right technical leadership, they can develop a formidable power unit that will enable their drivers to achieve remarkable performances on the track.

It remains to be seen how Meignan’s contribution will shape Alpine’s future in Formula 1, but his arrival is undoubtedly a step in the right direction.

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