Exploring F1 Car Revamps: AlphaTauri and Alpine

Exploring the Latest F1 Car Revamps at AlphaTauri and Alpine


The new bodywork deployed by AlphaTauri for the current Formula 1 season continues to utilize the downwash ramp concept that the team has been using since the start of this regulatory era. However, in addition to this, AlphaTauri has incorporated several ideas observed elsewhere on the grid, as well as introducing a few unique design elements.

High and Shallow Bodywork

The rearward swept inlet of the AlphaTauri car is accompanied by high and shallow bodywork. Previously, this section featured a swage line and a drop off on the upper surface. However, for the latest revamp, this has undergone further enhancements and modifications.

Innovative Design Concepts

AlphaTauri’s new bodywork incorporates a blend of concepts, both borrowed from other teams and devised internally. The team has taken inspiration from various sources to create a unique and innovative design.

Downwash Ramp Concept

As mentioned earlier, the downwash ramp concept remains a foundational element of AlphaTauri’s car design. This technique helps to enhance performance by increasing downforce and ensuring efficient air flow around the vehicle.

Superior Aerodynamics

The primary goal of the revamp was to enhance the aerodynamic performance of the AlphaTauri car. By incorporating a mix of established concepts and original innovations, the team aims to optimize the vehicle’s performance on the track.

Increased Downforce

One of the key advantages of AlphaTauri’s revamped bodywork is its ability to generate increased downforce. This is crucial for improving handling and stability at high speeds, allowing drivers to push the limits of the car.


With their latest revamp, AlphaTauri has once again demonstrated their commitment to pushing the boundaries of car design in Formula 1. By blending established concepts with novel ideas, the team has created a bodywork design that aims to improve aerodynamics and increase performance on the race track.

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