F1 Looks Ahead to 2025 for Rule Changes to Address Aero Metric Decline

The Formula 1 (F1) governing body, the FIA, has been made aware of concerns raised by drivers regarding the reduced ability to race closely due to current car design. As a result, the FIA is actively considering rule changes for the 2025 season to tackle this issue.

The FIA’s analysis reveals that the current generation of ground-effect cars, introduced in 2023, has caused a 50% drop in a key aerodynamic metric compared to the gains achieved in the 2022 cars.

Challenges in Racing Closely

Several drivers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the current car design, claiming that it has become increasingly difficult to race in close proximity to one another. This has led to a decrease in overtaking opportunities and a potentially less thrilling racing experience for both drivers and fans.

The FIA’s analysis of the current ground-effect machinery has identified a significant decline in a crucial aerodynamic performance indicator. This decline, attributing to a 50% loss in gains achieved in the previous season, has reinforced the need for rule changes.

Looking to the Future

In response to these concerns, the FIA is proactively examining potential adjustments to the rules and regulations for the 2025 F1 season. The aim is to rectify the decline in the identified aero metric and enhance the racing experience for drivers and fans alike.

By addressing this issue, the FIA intends to promote closer racing, increase overtaking opportunities, and create a more exciting spectacle for viewers. The proposed rule changes would focus on improving the aerodynamics and overall performance of the cars to enable competitive and thrilling races.


The FIA is responding to feedback from drivers and fans by taking steps to address the decline in a key aerodynamic metric that has made racing in close proximity more challenging. With the goal of enhancing the racing experience, the FIA is actively considering rule changes for the 2025 season. These changes will aim to improve aerodynamics, increase overtaking opportunities, and deliver more thrilling races in the future.

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