F1 Trophy Upgrade

F1 Trophy Gets a Tech Upgrade

Race title sponsor Lenovo has partnered with design studio Pininfarina of America to introduce modern technology to the Formula 1 trophy. The collaboration has resulted in a sleek concept that incorporates smart technology and pays homage to the iconic F1 car design.

A Futuristic Design

The new F1 trophy takes inspiration from the design of an F1 car’s intake and features the prominent Lenovo logo. It showcases a futuristic and aerodynamic shape that represents the speed and precision associated with Formula 1 racing.

Interactive Technology

One of the unique aspects of the trophy is its interactive technology. When the driver interacts with the trophy, it comes alive, utilizing smart technology to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience.

Unveiling at the Japanese GP

The new tech-infused F1 trophy is set to make its debut at the Japanese Grand Prix. Drivers competing in the event will be awarded these innovative trophies, adding an extra element of excitement to the podium celebrations.

This collaboration between Lenovo and Pininfarina of America represents a fusion of cutting-edge technology and exceptional design, capturing the essence of Formula 1. With the introduction of these high-tech trophies, the world of motorsport continues to push boundaries and embrace innovation.

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