F1’s Newest Track Faces a Rocky Start

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F1’s Newest Track Faces a Rocky Start

Unfortunate Incident in the First Free Practice Session

Following huge hype surrounding F1’s newest track, the event got off to an inauspicious start after the first free practice session was called off because a drain cover had broken free and was hit by two cars.

Carlos Sainz’s Misfortune

First, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz ran over the cover on the main straight, which badly damaged his car as he came to a halt at the side of the circuit.

“We are checking the damage caused to the car. It’s obviously not ideal to have an incident like that so early in the weekend,” Sainz commented.

Investigations and Precautions

The FIA is currently conducting inspections to ensure the safety of all drivers. “We take incidents like this very seriously and we are working closely with the race organizers to assess and rectify the situation,” stated a spokesperson from the FIA.

The drain cover incident has raised concerns among other drivers as well. With driver safety being paramount, measures are being taken to prevent similar incidents in the future. The FIA has increased its focus on regular inspections and maintenance of all race circuits.

Additionally, the race organizers have deployed extra personnel to inspect the track thoroughly before each practice session, qualifying, and the main race to avoid any potential hazards.

Positive Outlook for the Race

Despite the setback, the teams and drivers remain optimistic about the upcoming race. The incident has only reinforced their emphasis on safety and the need for continuous improvements in track infrastructure.

The FIA and the race organizers are working closely to ensure that the remaining sessions and the main race proceed without any further interruptions.

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