Ferrari Driver Academy Member Gets Track Time with Haas – Latest News

Ferrari Driver Academy Member to Get Track Time with Haas in Mexico F1 Practice Run

The Ferrari Driver Academy member, currently ranked sixth in the Formula 2 standings, has been given the opportunity to gain track time with Haas. This marks another Maranello protege to get a chance with the team.

Haas has had mixed experiences with rookie drivers in the past. Antonio Giovinazzi, a Ferrari protégé, had a heavy crash during his rookie year in Hungary back in 2017. He experienced yet another crash last year at COTA as a seasoned driver on the team.

Despite these incidents, Haas remains committed to providing young talents with opportunities. The team is currently running its new package and facing the challenges of the cost cap.

The upcoming Mexican Grand Prix will provide an opportunity for the Ferrari Driver Academy member to demonstrate their skills in the Friday practice session. Haas is confident that the driver will approach the session responsibly and avoid any unnecessary risks.

This partnership between Ferrari and Haas continues to showcase the collaborative efforts between the two teams, highlighting their commitment to nurturing young talent in the world of Formula 1.

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