Ferrari Rises in Constructors’ Championship – Ferrari Steps Up its Game in the Constructors’ Championship

Ferrari Steps Up its Game in the Constructors’ Championship

In the four races held since the summer break, Ferrari has passed Aston Martin for third place in the constructors’ championship, and cut the deficit to Mercedes in second from 56 points to 20, while Carlos Sainz became the first non-Red Bull winner of the season in Singapore.

Ferrari’s Determination

While other teams have already shifted their focus to their 2024 car by switching wind tunnel programs, Ferrari is determined to continue its fight with Mercedes in the remaining races of the current season. Team principal, Frederic Vasseur, believes that it is not in Ferrari’s best interest to postpone the battle until 2024.

The Constructors’ Championship Standings

Ferrari’s recent performances have proven their commitment to climbing up the constructors’ championship table. With their impressive performances, they managed to surpass Aston Martin and secure the third spot in the standings. Additionally, the gap between Ferrari and Mercedes has significantly narrowed from 56 points to a mere 20 points, indicating a fierce competition ahead.

Carlos Sainz’s Triumph in Singapore

Carlos Sainz has made history by becoming the first non-Red Bull driver to claim a victory this season at the Singapore Grand Prix. This remarkable achievement has showcased Ferrari’s improved performance and competitiveness on the racetrack. It marks a turning point for the team and establishes their presence as strong contenders.

Ferrari’s Focus on the Current Season

Despite the ongoing transition towards the 2024 car, Ferrari remains steadfast in its commitment to deliver outstanding results in the remaining races of the current Formula 1 season. Their determination and dedication to closing the gap to Mercedes are clear indications of their ambition to fight for the championship.

Looking Ahead

Ferrari’s recent surge in form and competitive spirit has ignited excitement among fans and pundits alike. The remaining races promise intensified battles between Ferrari and Mercedes as they strive for dominance in the constructors’ championship. Will Ferrari be able to close the gap and dethrone Mercedes? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain – Ferrari is not backing down.


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