FIA Approves Andretti’s New Team Bid

FIA Approves Andretti’s New Team Bid

FIA Approves Andretti’s New Team Bid

Financial Stability and Sustainability targets met

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) has officially approved Andretti’s bid to establish a new team in Formula 1. After thorough evaluation, the FIA determined that Andretti’s bid fulfilled the criteria of being financially stable and capable of achieving sustainability targets.

Positive Contribution to Society

Furthermore, the FIA recognized Andretti’s commitment to utilizing the F1 platform to contribute positively to society. This acknowledgment highlights the potential impact the team can have in promoting important social issues.

Hamilton’s Support for Andretti’s Bid

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton expressed his support for Andretti’s entry into Formula 1. During a press conference before the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix, Hamilton described Andretti’s bid as “great” and emphasized the potential job opportunities it can create within the sport.

Pushing for Diversity

Hamilton also emphasized the need for more diverse team owners in Formula 1. He believes that the inclusion of Andretti’s team can contribute to achieving greater diversity within the sport, fostering an environment of inclusivity.

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