FIA Changes Regulations for Singapore GP

FIA Modifies Shootout Regulations for 2023 Singapore Grand Prix

During the Friday night drivers’ briefing, the FIA announced modifications to the shootout regulations specifically for the upcoming 2023 Singapore Grand Prix. This decision came after unanimous voting by the grid, signifying a significant change to the qualifying process.

No More Maximum Lap Time Procedure

One of the key changes is the elimination of the usual maximum lap time procedure that is imposed during qualifying. Previously, drivers were required to adhere to an upper time limit for their in- and out-lap. Failure to do so would result in penalization. However, with the recent rule tweak, this restriction has been abolished.

Alonso Expresses Displeasure with Obsolete Qualifying Format

Spanish driver Fernando Alonso voiced his frustration with the current Formula 1 qualifying format, considering it outdated and no longer suitable for modern racing. Despite the alterations made for the Singapore Grand Prix, Alonso believes more extensive changes are necessary to improve the spectacle and competitiveness of the sport.

The Need for Further Evolution in Qualifying

As the sport evolves, there is an evident need for qualifying procedures to adapt accordingly. Many drivers and fans have expressed their desire for a more exciting and unpredictable qualifying session, one that truly tests the skills and capabilities of the drivers. By eliminating constraints such as maximum lap times, Formula 1 can potentially create a more dynamic and thrilling experience for both competitors and spectators.

The Future of Qualifying

With the recent changes in the shootout regulations for the Singapore Grand Prix, it remains to be seen whether further modifications will be implemented in upcoming races and seasons. The FIA and Formula 1 management will undoubtedly continue to evaluate the effectiveness of these adjustments and work towards enhancing the overall qualifying process.


The FIA’s decision to modify the shootout regulations for the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix marks a significant step towards adapting Formula 1 qualifying to meet the demands of the modern racing landscape. By eliminating the maximum lap time procedure, the sport aims to create a more competitive and captivating experience for both drivers and fans. As the future of qualifying unfolds, it will be intriguing to witness further evolutions that may shape the sport for years to come.

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