Former Mercedes Motorsport Boss Calls for DTM Changes Exclusive: Former Mercedes Motorsport Boss Calls for Changes in DTM

Ulrich Haug, who had a long involvement in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) series through his role at Mercedes, has voiced his concerns about the rising budgets required to run a team in the championship. In addition, he believes that in-season testing is having a detrimental impact on the quality of racing.

In an interview with German publication Bild, Haug expressed his worries about the escalating costs in the DTM. He stated, “The DTM is still far too expensive. There is far too much testing. That’s a sustainability issue! You can’t keep burning tyres and fuel senselessly.”

Haug’s concerns about the rising costs in the DTM reflect a growing sentiment within the motorsport community. As teams continue to invest significant financial resources into their programs, it becomes increasingly difficult for smaller teams to compete on a level playing field.

Furthermore, Haug believes that in-season testing is undermining the quality of racing in the DTM. He argues that excessive testing takes away from the excitement and unpredictability of the competition, as it allows teams to gather valuable data and optimize their performance.

While testing plays a crucial role in the development of race cars and the improvement of performance, Haug suggests that restrictions need to be put in place to ensure a fair and balanced competition in the DTM. By limiting the number of test days or implementing stricter regulations, teams would be forced to focus on maximizing their performance during race weekends rather than relying heavily on testing.

Haug’s concerns and proposals have ignited a debate within the DTM community. Some argue that testing is essential for teams to refine their skills and progress technologically, while others support Haug’s call for change, emphasizing the need to prioritize cost control and increase the focus on race day performance.

As the discussion continues, it remains to be seen if Haug’s suggestions will gain traction and lead to actual changes in the DTM. However, one thing is certain: the current state of affairs has prompted an important conversation about the future direction of the championship.

The DTM, known for its fiercely competitive racing and high-performance touring cars, has captivated motorsport enthusiasts around the world. As fans eagerly await the outcome of these discussions, they hope that the championship can find a balance that ensures both thrilling races and sustainable team operations.

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