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Formula 1 Concorde Agreement: Liberty Media’s Approach


The current deal that runs from 2021 to 2025 was negotiated by former F1 CEO Chase Carey in what was regarded as a new spirit of cooperation compared to the often confrontational debates of the earlier Bernie Ecclestone era. Preliminary discussions have already begun over the next Concorde Agreement, the first on Stefano Domenicali’s watch as F1 CEO, even though it won’t come into force until 2026.

A New Era of Collaboration

Under the leadership of Liberty Media, the negotiation of the current Concorde Agreement marked a significant shift in the way Formula 1 was approached. Former CEO Chase Carey adopted a more cooperative approach compared to the confrontational style of Bernie Ecclestone. This new spirit of collaboration allowed for constructive discussions and ultimately resulted in an agreement that would shape the sport until 2025.

Preliminary Discussions for the Future

Looking ahead, Formula 1 is already preparing for the next Concorde Agreement under the stewardship of Stefano Domenicali, F1’s current CEO. Even though it won’t come into effect until 2026, early talks have commenced to ensure a smooth transition and continued progress for the sport.

Building on Past Successes

The negotiation of the upcoming Concorde Agreement will build on the positive outcomes achieved in the current agreement. It provides an opportunity for stakeholders to evaluate and refine the existing structures, rules, and revenue distribution models to ensure the continued growth and competitiveness of Formula 1.

A Collaborative Approach

Liberty Media has emphasized that the discussions around the next Concorde Agreement will not revert to the confrontational practices of the past. Liberty Media CEO Maffei has stated that it won’t be a “snot-gobbling fight,” signaling a commitment to maintaining the collaborative environment that has been established under their leadership.

Ensuring a Bright Future

The Concorde Agreement plays a crucial role in shaping the future of Formula 1, providing stability, fair distribution of revenues, and a framework for constructive dialogue between teams, stakeholders, and the governing body. The upcoming negotiations will aim to address evolving challenges while preserving the core values and excitement that make Formula 1 a global spectacle.

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