Formula 1 Practice Thrills at Abu Dhabi

Formula 1 Practice at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

George Russell and Charles Leclerc Shine in Formula 1 Practice at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

In a series of intriguing Formula 1 practice sessions at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, George Russell and Charles Leclerc stood out among the drivers, while the day was also marked by several rookie appearances and incidents.

Rookie Appearances Steal the Show

In FP1 (the first timed session on Friday), there was a wave of excitement as 10 rookies and reserves took over the driving duties. Teams made use of their mandatory ‘young’ driver allowances, making it an action-packed session filled with fresh faces.

George Russell Sets the Pace

George Russell proved his mettle by securing the fastest lap time in the first practice session. The Mercedes driver showcased his skills and left a lasting impression with his remarkable performance.

Charles Leclerc Shows Competitive Spirit

Not to be outdone, Charles Leclerc from Ferrari showcased his competitive spirit by topping the time sheets in the second practice session (FP2). Leclerc demonstrated great control and displayed his potential as he set a blistering pace.

Incidents Provide Drama

The day was not without its fair share of incidents. In FP2, several twists and turns kept viewers on the edge of their seats. The drivers faced challenges as they navigated through the circuit, leading to unexpected moments and heart-stopping action.


The Formula 1 practice sessions at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix proved to be thrilling and captivating. Russell and Leclerc stole the limelight with their impressive performances, while the presence of rookies added an exciting dimension. With incidents adding drama to the mix, fans eagerly anticipate the main race to witness more adrenaline-fueled action.

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