Formula E Race in Hyderabad Dropped from Calendar

Formula E Race in Hyderabad Set to be Dropped from Calendar in 2024

The Formula E race in Hyderabad, India is set to be dropped from the calendar in 2024, according to new information obtained by The organising team behind the event was disbanded at the end of August after promoters pulled out funding from the race.

Earlier this year, India was absent from the provisional Formula E calendar that was issued in June. However, the series had left a To Be Announced (TBA) slot on February 10, which would have likely gone to Hyderabad if the race had been green-lit.

With Hyderabad being dropped, it is now unclear which city will replace it when the next Formula E calendar is released. Formula E continues to grow in popularity and has become a key platform for showcasing electric car technology.

Formula E races are known for their exciting and intense competition, with teams and drivers pushing the limits of electric-powered vehicles. The camaraderie and sportsmanship among the participants make Formula E a thrilling championship to watch.

Although the news of Hyderabad’s departure from the calendar is disappointing, fans can still look forward to an action-packed season ahead. Formula E promises to deliver more thrills and surprises as it moves towards a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future.

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