Formula E’s New Broadcast Era

Formula E Embarks on a New Broadcast Era with TNT Sports Partnership

Enhanced Accessibility for Fans with Streaming and Live Coverage

All the electrifying action of the upcoming Formula E season is set to reach fans in an unprecedented manner. Beginning with the prominently anticipated Mexico City E-Prix scheduled for January 13th, viewers can experience every high-speed moment as TNT Sports broadcasts all 17 races of the new campaign live and uninterrupted. The racing excitement won’t just be limited to television screens; devotees of the sport will enjoy comprehensive access with live and on-demand coverage available via discovery+, boosting convenience for audiences everywhere.

A Milestone Agreement for Formula E

This forward-thinking agreement marks a significant shift in the distribution model for the motorsport, with Formula E entering the realm of premium content accessibility. For the first time in its history, the series will transition to a subscription-based viewing format. This strategic move is designed to cater to dedicated fans seeking an immersive and exclusive Formula E entertainment experience.

Fostering Growth and Broader Outreach

The partnership between Formula E and TNT Sports stands as a testament to the sport’s rapid growth and the increasing interest in electric racing. By offering a combination of both cable-based and digital streaming options, this alliance aims to cultivate a broader fan base and provide current fans with more tailored viewing preferences. Positioning races behind a subscription service can further develop the sport’s brand identity by associating it with premium sports broadcasting channels and services.

The Future of Sports Broadcasting

The evolution of sports viewership habits in recent years has demonstrated a clear trend towards versatile and user-centric platforms. By leveraging the capabilities of discovery+, the new broadcast strategy reflects an understanding of these changes, ensuring that supporters of Formula E remain engaged with the evolution of the series and have the freedom to watch as they prefer. The innovative approach speaks to a future where tailored content consumption is not just an option but a fundamental aspect of the sports fan experience.

Commitment to Uninterrupted Racing Action

In a world where commercial breaks often interrupt the narrative of sports events, TNT Sports promises an uninterrupted viewing experience for Formula E fans. This commitment ensures that none of the high-octane drama or tactical intrigue is missed, allowing audiences to immerse themselves fully from the starting grid to the checkered flag.


As Formula E continues to distinguish itself as a pioneering force in the world of motorsports, it’s clear that such media partnerships will play a vital role in shaping how fans engage with their favorite sports. The collaboration between Formula E and recognized broadcasters like TNT Sports and digital hubs like discovery+ represents a new chapter wherein fan engagement, accessibility, and the overall viewer experience are paramount.

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