French Enduro Winner from 1995 Joins GTE Am Replacement

The French Enduro Winner from 1995 Set to Join the Replacement for GTE Am Category

The winner of the French enduro in 1995 has made an exciting announcement regarding its participation in the replacement for the GTE Am category. This renowned team has selected United, which is co-owned by McLaren Racing boss Zak Brown, as its representative for the upcoming event.

United, an Anglo-American team, has a strong track record in endurance racing. They triumphed with an LMP2 victory at Le Mans in 2020 and secured the WEC title in 2019-20. With such achievements under their belt, it comes as no surprise that they have expressed their intention to compete in the 2024 series.

The team plans to enter the competition with a pair of state-of-the-art race cars. These high-performance machines are expected to showcase the team’s dedication to excellence and their ambition to dominate the race.

By joining the replacement for the GTE Am category, the French enduro winner from 1995 hopes to prove its capabilities once again. Their decision to nominate United as its representative indicates the trust and confidence they have in the team’s expertise and potential.

The upcoming event is set to be a thrilling showcase of skill, strategy, and endurance. The participating teams will face numerous challenges as they navigate the legendary race track. With the determination and history of success behind them, the French enduro winner from 1995, alongside United, aims to make a lasting impact on the competition.

Be sure to stay tuned for further updates on this exciting development as the teams prepare for the replacement for the GTE Am category in the 2024 series.

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