Frustration and Unexpected Pitstop: Alonso’s Japanese GP


Frustration and Unexpected Pitstop: Alonso’s Japanese GP Experience

The Japanese Grand Prix showcased Fernando Alonso’s frustrations with his team’s aero setup choices, resulting in a lack of straightline speed. While Alonso made it clear multiple times during the race, one incident stood out.

Pitstop Surprise

Aston Martin called in Alonso for his first pitstop earlier than anticipated. This decision left the Spaniard surprised and left him voicing his frustration on the team radio.

Frustrations with Lack of Straightline Speed

Throughout the race, Alonso lamented the lack of straightline speed. The aero setup choices made by his team hindered his ability to compete with other drivers on the straights, leaving him unable to overtake or defend effectively.

Good Start on Soft Tyres

Alonso managed to make a strong start on the soft tyres. Taking advantage of the contact ahead between Lewis Hamilton and another driver, he gained positions early on.

However, his momentum faltered due to the aforementioned straightline speed issues, preventing him from capitalizing on his good start.

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