Fuji Represents Porsche’s Opportunity to Return to the WEC Podium in 2023 – Makowiecki

Porsche, having made a comeback to the pinnacle of sportscar racing this year, has faced difficulties in challenging Le Mans Hypercar manufacturers Toyota and Ferrari. Despite managing just one podium finish with its 963 LMDh, the team remains hopeful that the Fuji round will provide a better opportunity for success.

The sole podium finish for Porsche came at the Portimao round in April, where delays for both Toyota (sensor) and Ferrari (front-axle brake-by-wire) worked in their favor. However, they narrowly missed out on a podium spot at Spa, losing out to Ferrari on the final lap.

The upcoming race at Fuji presents Porsche with a chance to turn their luck around. In an interview, Frederic Makowiecki, one of Porsche’s drivers, expressed his confidence in the team’s potential for success. Makowiecki believes that the unique characteristics of the Fuji circuit, which includes high-speed sections and challenging corners, could suit the strengths of their LMDh car.

Makowiecki further highlighted the importance of improving performance and fine-tuning the car’s setup to match the demands of the track. With a meticulous focus on technical aspects and optimizing the car’s handling, the team is determined to make the most of the upcoming race.

Although Porsche is well aware of the formidable competition they face from Toyota and Ferrari, the team remains optimistic. While acknowledging the current dominance of their rivals, Makowiecki emphasized the necessity of seizing every opportunity to challenge and elevate their performance.

He added that the team’s strong collaboration and collective effort must continue in order to achieve their desired result. With each member of the team playing a crucial role, Makowiecki encouraged everyone to remain motivated and determined.

Looking ahead to the Fuji round, Makowiecki expressed his excitement and anticipation. He believes that the upcoming race could be a turning point for Porsche, offering them the chance to demonstrate their capabilities and secure a place on the podium.

In conclusion, Porsche is determined to make a mark in the WEC and regain their position among the top contenders. The Fuji round holds considerable significance for the team, who are eager to showcase their potential and achieve a podium finish. With meticulous preparation and an unwavering team spirit, Porsche aims to maximize their chances and make the most of this opportunity.

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