Fulfilling F1 Commitments: McLaren’s Surprising Rookie Choice

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Fulfilling F1 Commitments: McLaren to Run Second Rookie in FP1 Session

According to F1’s sporting regulations, McLaren still had to fulfil its commitment to run a second rookie in an FP1 session later this year. The team had already completed its first obligation when Oscar Piastri made his F1 debut weekend in Bahrain. Now, it was time to nominate another young talent for the second slot.

Alex Palou and His Anticipated Role as Reserves

Alex Palou had been widely expected to become one of McLaren’s reserves from this weekend’s race. The anticipation was that he would also be the chosen rookie for the upcoming FP1 session. However, new information has emerged regarding the young driver and his role within the team.

It appears that Palou may not be the one to take part in the FP1 session after all. Instead, McLaren has announced a surprising choice for their second rookie driver.

Introducing Danial Owada – A New Addition to McLaren’s Roster

Making headlines in the motorsport world, McLaren has unexpectedly named Danial Owada as the driver to participate in the FP1 session. Owada, who currently competes in IndyCar, will soon have the chance to test his skills in the Formula 1 car.

This decision comes as a shock to many, as Palou was thought to have secured the coveted spot. Nevertheless, McLaren seems to have other plans in store.

The Road Ahead for Owada

Danial Owada will now get the opportunity to showcase his talents on the grand stage of Formula 1. As an IndyCar driver, he has already proven his abilities and impressed many in the motorsport community.

Owada’s experience and skills behind the wheel will undoubtedly be put to the test during the FP1 session. The McLaren team will closely observe his performance and evaluate his potential for future involvement with the team.


While Alex Palou’s participation in the FP1 session was widely expected, McLaren has surprised everyone by choosing IndyCar driver Danial Owada for the opportunity. This decision demonstrates the team’s commitment to exploring young talent from various racing disciplines.

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