Gasly and Hamilton Incident at Abu Dhabi GP

The Incident Between Gasly and Hamilton at the Abu Dhabi GP

During the recent Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, there was an incident between Pierre Gasly and Lewis Hamilton that left Gasly with diffuser damage. This damage affected his downforce and lap time, causing him to struggle during the race.

The incident happened early on in the race when Gasly and Hamilton made contact. The FIA stewards reviewed the incident but decided not to take any action. In their explanation, they stated that Car 10 (Gasly) locked its front right tire into Turn 6, resulting in a slightly different line and lower speed going into the turn, which was unexpected.

While Gasly expressed his frustration at the incident, noting that Hamilton would have gone straight if he hadn’t hit him, the stewards determined that it was a racing incident and no further penalties were necessary.

This incident highlights the fine margins in Formula 1 racing, where even small contacts can have significant consequences on a driver’s performance. Gasly’s diffuser damage affected the aerodynamics of his car, reducing downforce and impacting his ability to maintain speed through corners.

Despite the setback, Gasly continued to push on and finish the race, showing resilience and determination to overcome the difficulties caused by the incident. It is a testament to his skill and professionalism as a driver.

Racing incidents like these are not uncommon in Formula 1, where drivers push the limits of their cars and strive for competitive advantage. The FIA stewards play a crucial role in reviewing and adjudicating such incidents, ensuring fairness and safety on the track.

As the season comes to a close, this incident serves as a reminder of the intensity and drama that accompanies Formula 1 races. Fans can expect more thrilling moments and close battles between drivers in the future as they continue to push the boundaries of their machines.

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